Best Christmas Gift Ever


The holidays were the worst last year. Darkness descended like mad from Oct. through the new year, with no signs of stopping.

Between Oct. and Nov., our family reeled at the news. My husband had an aggressive form of bladder cancer. Thanksgiving, our wedding anniversary, Christmas went by in a blur as we recovered from his surgery, the catheter incident, a trip to the ER, and many sleepless nights.

This morning, we received the best Christmas gift ever. My husband’s bladder scope came out clear. He made it through one year, cancer-free.

I would hear about these quiet celebrations, and never truly understood what they meant. Now that it’s affected the love of my life, I understand way too much, more than I want to.

We’re celebrating Christmas with a renewed sense of purpose and a great appreciation for living each day in the moment.

In my most recently created recurring dream, I spend my vacation at an all-inclusive resort somewhere undeveloped on the Big Island. Before I woke up to read my husband’s text, “Bladder scope is clear… 1 year!” I was with him in the resort, wandering the grounds and witnessing mini-miracles all around, including this tide pool where friendly alligators with poodle fur lived, waiting for visitors to dive in and pet them.

Thank you, G-d. Thank you. Thank you. Thankyouthankyouthankyou.


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