Our good year

Right before I was about to write this 2016 retrospective, my son came by to announce that he needed the bucket.

On Monday, we’re at a Costco’s when he casually lets slip that he has a cold, runny nose, sore throat. Just as the cold symptoms wore away, he woke up today feeling 100 percent only to relapse with a headache and now, nausea about to rev up into a full-blown vomit fest.

Of course, earlier today I latched onto a snippet of a teaser of the local news about the flu killing hundreds and coming our way. My therapist would call it overreacting. What would he say now?

Regardless of the death watch I’m now on, 2016 has been a very good year for our family, especially compared to 2015.

My husband received an all-clear on his bladder scope earlier this month. My son’s been thriving with Symbicort, his asthma controlled for about two years now. Work is great; I got a new job, Ed’s busy at Amazon and as a working musician. He just finished a Christmas gig with the Coats down in Cannon Beach. Our Christmas was low-key, just us three, but we got everything we wanted.

In 2015, we had several health scares, Ed with bladder cancer, me with possible colon cancer.

I’ll take 2016.

We did lose a lot of good people. The world seems even crazier than ever. But we have our family, we’re still alive and doing well, that’s all I can ask for. Well, that and praying whatever my son has goes away in a hurry, leaving everybody else alone.

Here’s hoping 2017 is even better.


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