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Lately, all we seem to do is talk about a man we don’t even know.

People seem unnaturally obsessed with President Donald Trump, the way I used to be obsessed (still am, a little) with a Narcissist who once ruined my life but is now long gone.

I understand the President of the United States wields tremendous influence over our lives. I even understand engaging in political free speech is an important exercise in our civil rights.

But does it really change anything? We’re talking at one another, like anything we say will wield the same influence, like it matters.

It doesn’t. What’s worse is, I’m one of those Truthers who believes it doesn’t even matter who the President is. A shadow government really runs this country and the world.

Time’s running out for us to sit around and argue over bullshit politics anyway, when we could be doing more interesting, more important things.

Oh, you think you have all the time in the world? You think you can make your silly little plans for tomorrow on into the fall of 2017?

LOL, okay.

In the end, what matters is love. I don’t see a whole lot of that.

I see self-centered self-interest, empty meaningless talk about a man with a bad toupee slumming it in the White House. That just as bad as talking about the weather.

When you’re on your deathbed, or receiving a death sentence from your doctor, you’re not thinking about Donald Trump, believe me.

You’re thinking about making real, honest, deep connections with people who matter in your life (and with people in general) before you’re gone.

Why are we all so stupid?


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